Christian McFarland

Buena Vista, Colorado

About Christian

My life’s mission is to educate regular folks on elite level financial literacy. My initial license for insurance was in April 2001. Our family have owned our Money Max for over three years and we are in the second policy year of my BSB IUL, aka my personal bank. My stats are posted here but I will only add I follow David Weiner’s path and that is why I have had success. I am married for 28 years now and have 2 adult children, one of each, and recently became a grandpa for the 1st time in August. My granddaughter reminds me of the legacy I wish to leave for my family. My wife and I also act as caretakers for my dependent mother who has dementia but is otherwise the healthiest 81 year old around! We live up at 8,000 + feet in Buena Vista, CO. When I have free time I play Chess, read / listen on Audible to history, philosophy and literature. When feeling active I fool around with hiking, golf, toss darts like a pro and play fantasy football for fun and profit. I am a loyal fan of Broncos and Avalanche. Outside of business mentoring I also have extensive experience as a track and football coach.

Licensed in:

CO / AZ / FL / MI / MN / NC / OH / NJ / SC / TX / UT / WA / WV / CA / IL / PA / VA / NH

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