Jeremy Bass

Treasure Island, Florida

About Jeremy

Every individual, business, and family have goals and I am passionate about facilitating clients in reaching them. Born with a heart driven by adventure, I find that life’s greatest adventure is often found in pursing those very goals. Whether a client is looking for advice and guidance regarding retirement preparation, eliminating debt, banking, employee benefits, or other insurance and protection concepts, I bring years of knowledge and experience that not only is able to educate but also guide clients to making decisions that lead them to outcomes serving their best interests and make complex conversation simple to understand. I found, that due to the many facets of financial services and insurance among the multitude of needs within them, I was able to not only help the very families and businesses I strived to connect with, but also uncovered unlimited opportunity to serve people. I use a proven system of educating others on balancing their budget to minimize exposure to financial risk, protecting their retirement assets, and leveraging the income they already have. I specialize in a focus of tax-free retirement and banking concepts and am proud to have assisted countless clients in eliminating debt in as little as 5-7 years. And as a result teach people how to build wealth though their own debts and expenses. Among my efforts to help businesses and executives minimize exposure to financial risk, I guide business owners through planning, assisting individuals in protecting their retirement income with the utilization of a well-rounded insurance, banking, and investment portfolio. The heart of my work is found in my drive to help every client achieve their goals. From my first year in the industry, I have risen as a leader. My drive, compassion, and integrity allows me to remain in top producing ranks. I have been recognized as a top producer not only regionally but nationally as well. The true reward of my hard work is found in the time I am able to spend traveling with my family, providing my four homeschool children with experiences that are shaping them into strong adventure seekers that value goals and will grow them into individuals and professionals that can identify a goal, pursue it, and achieve it. Just as I pour my passion into my family, I have a passion to give, and seek opportunities to grow adventurous achievers through my work.

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