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David Weiner explains how to you’ll succeed with the Banking Like A Bank system and the full support of Global Renaissance Insurance Marketing Inc. behind you.

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Life Insurance Agents,  are you selling $500,000 per month in annuities?
Do you currently have 3 pre-set appointments per day Monday through Friday that can be done on a virtual basis and know for a fact that over 90% of those who schedule you for an appointment show up to meet with you!
Do you offer an annuity that has pure no fees and still can double the guaranteed income within ten years with zero returns on your client’s assets?
Do you sell Index Universal Life? And if you do sell such a product, do you know how to design the product best for the consumer? Can your past case designs pass a stress test indicating it will not likely crash and lapse off the books? Limited Pay designs that illustrate loans in the future truly are a bad case design for the consumer. We do advocate IUL’s, but they must be designed with the best possible design for the consumer and not for us the agent! No Surrender Charges! No Limited Pay Designs, Option B Vs Option A to MaxFund the most cash into the IUL! No Heaped Commissions!
We believe no amount of Saving and or investing will allow your client a chance to retire with dignity! We do know a better way and it goes against everything you have ever been taught about money. I wrote the book Banking like a Bank and I know Educating your clients on a better path begins with you understanding a better way! I have prepared on our website a recorded workshop of what we say and do when educating the consumer, we encourage you to click on the link and watch. At the end I will spend 17 minutes in detail on how we compensate you for this innovative work that we are doing for our clients. I am certain you will find our compensation plan the most lucrative you have ever seen in your years in the insurance industry.
For a better future it is time to click the link and watch why we as an agency starting 3 years leaped over 475 agencies and today, we are in the top 25 agencies for an insurance carrier that is 175+ years old, this year the carrier of our choice in 2023 will sell over $500 Million in Life insurance premium, and over $2.5 Billion in Annuities. You are just a click away from changing your life. What will you find in observing what we do, Customers that chase you, rather than you are chasing them, an innovative compensation plan that with just 100 in force customers practicing what it is we do, you will now be set for life. Are you ready for a change?
 After you have invested the time to learn about us, fill out the form and we will send you a calendar link to schedule for an interview. So we can answer each other’s questions as we look together in making 2024 the best year ever!


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