Living Benefits

The life insurance miracle that every family needs

Why living benefits are essential for every family

60% of bankruptcies were a result of a critical illness. 80% of those bankrupted patients had health insurance coverage. More protection is needed than health or disability plans can provide.

There are additional benefits associated with our life Insurance and annuity solutions provided by optional riders. We call them “Living Benefits”. Based on the product, living benefits can provide benefits should a qualifying terminal, chronic or critical illness or critical injury occur, or if your desire is to have an income that you cannot outlive.

The best way to understand the impact that living benefits can have is to hear from policy owners who have actually used them.  

Dr. Marius Barnard

The beginning of Living Benefits

Dr Marius Barnard was a member of the pioneering medical team that performed the world’s first human heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital in 1967 with his brother Christiaan. He spent a large part of his career working to improve cardiac surgery behind the iron curtain and globally, specialising in heart surgery for newborn babies

Recognising that due to medical advances his patients were surviving illnesses they would previously have died from, Marius witnessed first hand the financial impact this survival had on them and their family. He sought a solution to help future patients and worked towards an insurance product that paid out not on death, but on the diagnosis of a particular illness. With the help of Crusader Life Insurance in South Africa, the first policy was launched in 1983.

Jessica's Story

Diagnosed with breast cancer at just 30 years old

Jessica, only 30 years old, was a new mom when she learned that she had breast cancer. Her saving grace was her life insurance policy with Living Benefits.

Richard's Story

Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at 45 years old

Discover Richard’s inspiring journey of resilience and hope as he faced stage four cancer. Find out how living benefits and a positive mindset helped him regain control of his life and create a new future with his family.

Chris's Story

Diagnosed with bone-marrow cancer in his 50s

Hear Chris Edwards tell his story about his courageous battle with cancer and how Living Benefits made a difference, giving him the financial freedom to get quality medical treatment and take care of those important to him.

Protecting your Bank

Protecting your "Banking like a Bank" product.

Protecting your Bank,  Introducing the best living benefit plan in the USA – Banking Like a Bank 

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