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Jeremy Bass

Treasure Island, Florida

Lane Detsouvanh

Lakeland, Florida

Ron Harris

Santa Monica, CA

Elisia Jaramillo Luna

National Master Distributor of Recruiting & Training

Joy Goulet Jones

Woodway, Texas

Wade Lassiter, Jr.

Cutler Bay, Florida

Christian McFarland

Buena Vista, Colorado

Marlene Wanzong

Austin, TX

About David Weiner

Our founder

My name is David Weiner. I am the President and CEO of Global Renaissance Insurance Marketing Inc.

I have been successful in the insurance industry since 1982. I am also now a Field Partner for our technology company United Financial Freedom.

Over those decades I’ve seen a lot of changes as the industry has evolved, In the past year I penned the book “Banking Like a Bank” and am proud to have launched the “Banking Like a Bank” Movement. The book has been a best seller on Amazon over the past year.

In 2001, my company was written up in the Annual Report of the Health Care Service Corporation, which was the merger of the Blue Cross companies from the states of Texas, Illinois, and New Mexico, acknowledging my agency for producing 25% of their business.  Because of that work, I was invited to participate in the first ever World Conference on Critical Illness Insurance on United States soil. This conference was held 20 years ago at the Disney yacht club in Florida.

Finally, I am a former State Chairman of the National Business Advisory Board for the State of Missouri.

So, what should those professional accomplishments mean to you? Not much. I certainly don’t expect you to blindly believe everything I tell you without question.

What it does mean is I’ve devoted a lifetime to serving my clients in the best possible ways. I’m in the business for the long term, and “retirement” is not in my vocabulary. Frankly, I’m having too darn much fun. I’ve worked tirelessly to be a mentor and teacher to my clients, to steer them in the best direction to ensure their prosperity and financial security, and I personally train my associates to act in the same way.

I’ve earned the trust of my clients. I hope you’ll give me a chance to earn yours as well.

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