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By the grace of God and a friend

By the grace of God and a friend, we were introduced to this program and what a blessing it has been. We went from 29.8 years of debt payments owing $152,142 down to to 4.9 years and paying only $112,078. That's an interest savings of $40,084 and shaving 24.8 years off of our payment schedule. Because of this program, we will be debt free in 3.3 years in spite of Covid and it's impact on our business. This program has changed our lives for the rest of our lives and in a positive way - we will never look at money the same again; every dollar does count.


November 2022

I have paid down over $53,000

In July of 2019 I had my current mortgage and debt entered and got a complimentary analysis run. I had 30 years left on my mortgage at the time. With this program, it was going to take that 30 years down to 5.1 years and save over $100,000 in interest. As a single mom, I never imagined I could be completely mortgage and debt free in only 5 years! I've been on the program now for 2.5 years and I've got 2.5 years to go. I have paid down over $53,000 in total principal and I'm looking forward to being completely debt free in the coming years!


March 2023

Very happy with the program

"I am very happy with the program. My house is now paid for and along the way we even paid for my wife's college tuition!!! Thanks for a great program!!!"

Earl B

April 2022

It has given us a new lease on life

When I first purchased this program 11 years ago I was concerned that it would be complicated to stay with it. The key difference is the integrity and care of the organization from top to bottom. The customer support is amazing and the training by the sales force is top tier. My wife and I are beaming at the equity we have built in our home and the freedom we have to retire soon without a mortgage. Do not read this without deciding to get your own free analysis and be amazed at the exact debt-free date you can bank on.

Joseph U.

January 2023

It works if you follow the program

This program has set us on a course to be debt free. Before this we were living week to week, month to month. Now we have an end date. Like everything else it takes some discipline and you have to follow the program. We paid off some debt, put away an emergency fund and will be debt free, mortgage free in 7.5 years. Great program, great customer service.


October 2022

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